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Friday, December 13, 2013

What makes fall in love that a man with a woman?

A man will fall in you if, when they are together, that it can be himself and if senses that can be carried away by this wonderful emotion of love.
Soon realizes that te extra├▒a, begins to notice that your presence is more and more indispensable. When a man feels comfortable and safe at your side, he began to miss more and his affection for you grows. And the strange thing is that it does not even know why you feel so.

What does know is that there is something special about you, something that provokes emotions that no other woman feel with no. He wants to always be in your arms and stay there, by your side.
There is a "secret switch" that can be operated in them to awaken his love. It is secret because it is little known for women (and also men). You almost never know why you feel fascinated by you, what you want to be by your side or why proposed you something serious and long-lasting.
Most of the women are wrong about the reasons why a man falls. They believe that you need sex, or that it has to have an incredibly beautiful woman with an enviable body. They believe that he falls for a woman because it is sweet and kind with him, or because it gives many things.
Thus many women Act: they cook for men, lovely food and offer them deep thoughtful advice on their problems. They light candles whenever they come, dress way more sexy or buy more provocative lingerie.
And what they get in return is that he tells you that you are not sure of how they feel. Or that become cold and distant. Or maybe to stop call as many times as it was his custom. Suddenly he deceives them or makes them something painful, let respect them and ends by saying that they would have to have been known in another stage of their lives.
This happens because they failed to operate its switch secret, that which moves you their deepest emotions and produces a mysterious intimate feeling for a woman.
How activate his secret switch?
He hears all these things that come out of your mouth and even participates in the conversation. But this not flips his switch. It doesn't provoke their feelings. This is because you share your experiences with it, but you are putting a wall to his feelings without realizing it. Better, decides to not tell the sadness that suffered that morning or the joy that a friend gave you to call you and encourage you.
To be more specific: is result good emotions and talk to him only of feelings that link them deeply, to make you feel safe and connected to you. It seems something very simple, but for the majority of women is something contrary to his nature.
It is difficult to stop talking about themselves and what they feel. Unfortunately, this habit makes men lose interest.

10 tips for the heels addicted

Heeled shoes have existed in the history of mankind since remote times, as there are some illustrations that might lead historians to place its origin from the ancient Egypt, however began to popularize more or less in the 15th century.

In fact, these shoes can be an excellent ally for women, provided we do not hurt, because they stylize the figure and even the way of walking.
To avoid injuries, aches and fatigue, there is nothing better than practice and do some exercises that, with perseverance, can surely become an expert to use slippers; Therefore, and with information from Veintitantos, meet the 10 tips to not miss the glamour and use your heels at day and night.
1 Before buy heels, it is important that you v. that they are suitable for you; never buy a large or small, since surely will cause blisters, injuries or pain.
2. Wide heels can give you more security than the stiletto heels, tries to alternate them frequently.
3 Platforms and wedges are excellent for those who have to be a good time to stand, since they distribute tension in your feet.
4 It is important to occasionally leave the heels and use flats or sneakers.
5. If those heels that you fell in love with bought them for a special occasion, I recommend that you try them a few days before in short periods of time, get used to walk with them.
6. In order to avoid wear on the heel of Achilles, it is recommended that you place on the edge of a step with your heels in the air in order to stretch the tendon and regain your strength.
7. One of the great dangers of using high heels is that your position is not normal and the column balance is altered, causing back pain; to avoid this, you can stand on one leg for 10 seconds and do the same with the other.
8. In order to avoid that your ankles are easily hurt, it is recommended that you lift your feet up on the toes 10 times for 10 seconds, this will work in the strength and elasticity of this part of the foot.
9 Calves can also be damaged by the use of high heels, so whenever you take off shoes you must stretch your legs to strengthen them and regain its elasticity.
10. Finally, it is recommended that you use pads, since they are made to avoid the pressure of the weight of your body on the feet.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to wear boots

Boots are shoes that can be used at any time of year, they are not limited to winter, there are many designs that are perfect for wearing in spring and summer season.
They can be combined with leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. The latter is one of the items preferred by women, so today we want to talk a little about how to wear boots.

The shoes should always be chosen according to your taste and style, but prioritizing comfort. An uncomfortable shoe is the worst that can happen so ever, for anything, choose a boot that fits you or boot with heels not allow you to take firm steps.

In the combination of wearing boots almost everything is allowed. From lower boots, those that do not exceed the ankle and are ideal to dress elegantly and comfortably, to boots and glamorous higher you will appear out of a gateway.

Always bear in mind that the boots are what define the style and of course, this must be combined with the dress. The contrasts are also a sensible proposal but it requires a lot of aesthetic sense to create contrasts that will not break the balance, and overall harmony.